Monday, August 24, 2015

"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time."

The landscape, nature and wildlife of Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountain National Parks is nothing short of spectacular. It is nearly impossible to reproduce in photography what you can see with the naked eye. We hiked trails and we climbed mountains. We traveled thru forests, plateaus, and valleys. We crossed rivers, lakes and streams.  We saw gorgeous landscapes, nature and wildlife that you just don't see on any ordinary day! This trip was anything but ordinary, it was extraordinary! It went way beyond my expectations!
...and once again I say, only God could create such beauty!
I took so many pictures! It was hard not to when there is breath-taking beauty everywhere you look! I'm so thankful that the rest of my crew put up with me every time I said "Stop! You just gotta turn around so I can take a pic"! or "Pull over, pull over, pull over! I gotta get a shot"!
I've processed pictures since Day 1 of our trip and I think I might never get done! I tried to pick out the ones that really represent everything we saw in the short time we were there. I am convinced that you could spend a month in these parks and still not see everything! If you have never been there, I hope that my photo albums will pique your interest in planning a trip out West! My photo albums can be accessed HERE!
"Take nothing but pictures. 
Leave nothing but footprints. 
Kill nothing but time."

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