Sunday, July 24, 2016

Table Rock Lake - Day 2 - Sunday

Rise and shine and grabbing a quick breakfast from the hotel, we were ready to head to Springfield, MO to the largest Bass Pro Shop in the world. It took longer to get there than we anticipated and it's location was in a busy part of town, however we were amazed at the massive size!
This place is bigger than entire Malls! There are three levels, with a restaurant on the uppermost level. It was really quite over-whelming! I didn't take too many pictures inside due to the fact that pictures just will never give the full perspective of the enormous size!

We spent a couple hours shopping, then decided we needed to get back on the road for the cabin, which was another hour south of our location. We made one last stop at Wal-mart to get groceries, then made our way to the cabin, making a few route mistakes before finally arriving!
The view from the cabin was just breath-taking, as it has a walk-around deck with a spectacular view of Table Rock Lake!
We unpacked and unloaded our groceries and got settled in, excited about the next few days! Heat index was 109, just too hot to unload kayaks and get on the water. We decided to drive around and check out the area, locating the boat launch and a nearby Marina.
We got back to the cabin and relaxed for the rest of the evening as we watched the sun fall into to a gorgeous sunset.
Before bed, I took a walk out on the deck to see a spectacular light show from the starry skies and milky way reaching to the horizon and the reflections of light on the lake! Oh so peaceful! Needless to say, it was hard closing my eyes to sleep from my loft bed with this amazing view!

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