Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Table Rock Lake - Day 5 - Wednesday

A new day was dawning and you could smell coffee, bacon and eggs cooking drawing the stragglers {steve} out of bed. Today we planned to kayak the opposite way we went yesterday, excited about exploring new territory on the lake!
We paddled quite a ways as the lake narrowed to a river.  We finally came to a bend in the river and decided to shore our kayaks, do some swimming and look for arrowheads! 

 Taking a break from padding to "cool" off in the not-so-cool water!

We were hoping to paddle to the bridge, however, the ice mule cooler got left back at the cabin with all our cold drinks and lunch, and we weren't sure how much further it was to the bridge. Everyone was thirsty and hungry {at least I was!}
The river was as still as glass when we decided to paddle back to the cabin. It was a good thing we decided to head back, as we could here thunder in the distance and skies were starting to look a little ominous!
After loading the kayaks back on the trailer, Patti and I walked, as the guys drove back to the cabin. We put the covers on the kayaks, cleaned up and headed to Roaring River State Park Lodge for dinner. The trout dinner was delicious! As we were heading out of the lodge, someone told us there was a double rainbow outside. We walked outside to a spectacular sight and I ran to the car to grab my camera to capture the full rainbow! If you look closely on the left side you will see a double rainbow!
We followed the rainbow almost all the way back to the was beautiful! The sun went down and darkness arrived on our last night at the cabin. We have had such a wonderful week, and as usual, vacation passed much to quickly but the memories will last a lifetime!
As the evening skies cleared, we were treated with a beautiful galaxy of stars, as the Milky Way peeked thru the parting clouds.

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